祥業工業創立於高雄,從一張許多台灣人都有共同記憶的「洞洞鐵板折合椅」開始,至今累積近40年椅子製造的技術與經驗。於2010年創立自有品牌SITPLS,結合當代設計語言與台灣製造,從生活經驗、人體工學等機能性考量,製作更貼近現代生活空間之傢俱,多項產品獲得德國iF金獎、RedDot、美國IDEA等國際設計獎項。SITPLS by祥業工業,從設計到製造,凸顯源自台灣的原創價值─無論何處,如同張開一把椅子,便能擁有一席之地。


SHIANG YE was established in 1978, a leading chair production company from Kaohsiung─Taiwan that has expanded business collaboration over 90 countries. Since 2010, it has started own brand-SITPLS that shows sustainability and simplicity of design. 

For most of the people who live in cramped urban spaces today, SITPLS by Shiang Ye challenges itself to develop more quality chairs that could fit many different modern lifestyles and increase the potential of spaces. The brand has also won several international design awards including the prestigious RedDot, iF Gold and IDEA for its products.